Photo by Lisa Varley

Photo by Lisa Varley

Mission and Vision

Glen Foerd’s mission is to connect visitors to the legacy of Glen Foerd through programs on the arts, nature, and history and to preserve and protect the landscape, buildings and collections for the enjoyment and enrichment of the community and future generations.

Glen Foerd aspires to:

  • Foster an appreciation and practice of the arts, and to empower and promote the talent in the Philadelphia region by featuring the work of artists, artisans, designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.
  • Instill an appreciation for nature’s beauty and bounty by encouraging the adoption of a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

  • Create advocates for the importance of protecting our Delaware River ecosystem and watershed by helping visitors understand how human activity affects our natural world.

  • Preserve, protect and restore Glen Foerd’s landscape, buildings and collections.

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