Live Music and Dancing

Hot jazz from legendary performers that will have you jumping on the dance floor and performances from today's hottest 1920s dance troupes. 


Speed, innovation, and unchecked progress towards the future.  The 1920s were a grand time to be alive.  We celebrate the culture and innovations of the period with demonstrations taught right inside the mansion.  All demonstrations and workshops are included with your ticket.  Come and learn more about 1920s art, hair styling, make-up techniques, etiquette (via comedy), and more. Click below for details.

Contests and Games

If you have a passion for the 1920s, you'll love our contests and games. We don't let our most fashionable flappers and our most dapper gents go home empty handed.  Alongside our fashion and baking contests, we also have lawn games set up around the estate for kids of all ages.  Click below to learn more.


Drew Nugent: Johanna Austin; Commonwealth Pictures: Lisa Varley; Pie Contest: Iveta Buonacuore